Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Rainouts, Faucets and What's Next?


The Final View of the Repair
Elkridge, MD
May 25, 2022
The rain and cold returned. It is 55 degrees this morning as the day begins.

I very much enjoyed the dry 90 degree temperatures of this past weekend and so, my reward apparently is rain and much cooler temperatures. 

The rain has already postponed two baseball games and thrown the schedule askew. And there is rain in the forecast for the next four days.

Despite the rain, however, the plumbers returned to the scene of the faucet debacle. Amazingly, in about 90 minutes the problem was resolved with another new faucet. The copper work actually looks much better than the previous attempt and it works--or rather it does not leak while in use! Yay! Check yesterday's blog to see the before image.

I was happy that there was no additional charge to complete the repair, however, I would have preferred that it had been done correct the first time. I did feel bad for the plumbing team because at times they needed to be outside in the cold rain. 

Now it is on to other repairs. Wait, I already repaired the automatic chlorinator for the pool. Next up; the dryer which is making a bad sounding noise which may just be the blower has become clogged with lint causing it to be unbalanced. Unfortunately, cleaning or replacing the blower requires complete disassembly of the dryer including removing the drum. That is an all morning project.  

Always one more project to accomplish!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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