Sunday, May 15, 2022

Around the Firepit

Chris Around the Fire
Elkridge, MD
May 11, 2022

Between the rainstorms of the past week, Chris and I found time and a dry spell to enjoy time around the fire pit. I believe it was our second fire of 2022 as we were lucky enough to have one during January.

I was surprised that the wood we used was dry and made such a fantastic fire, but we sat and enjoyed the crackling of the fire for some time. 

Unlike many other fire pit evenings, we did not remain out until after dark, but rather went inside to enjoy dinner. It was Wednesday and the middle of a very busy week. But we enjoyed the respite from the bad weather. It was at least warm!

Sadly, we will miss the joys of the fire pit during the time we spend in Florida. Our condo association and the Tequesta Fire Department do not allow open flames in our community. Not that there is really anywhere for a fire pit in the condo area. And no, no open flames are allowed on the beaches, either. The light from the fire is a detriment to the turtles when they are laying eggs and then to the hatchlings as they race to the sea. 

We will, however, survive and leave the joy of fire pits to our visits back to Maryland.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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