Friday, April 1, 2022

Welcome April 2022

 Yup, it is April. The year is 25 percent complete! That is a scary thought. 

It is also Friday and that means the weekend is upon us. I still, even though I've been retired for three months now, find excitement in Fridays. 

But for now, it is Springtime and flowers are blooming, even here in Florida. Yesterday Chris and I made a trip on the Turnpike to Ikea, it is over an hour away, to get a nightstand that was sold out by the time we got there and we noticed the Springtime flowers along the roadway. They were beautiful and reminded us that soon we will be actually experiencing Spring back in Maryland. 

We have been enjoying the great weather, but more wind and some rain are in the forecast for the day. The wind was too strong yesterday and I decided not to ride my bike. I only needed a 9 mile ride to complete 200 miles for the month--but as it is I completed just over 191 miles for March. Hopefully, I can get out today before the rain.

Well, April showers . . . 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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