Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The Canopy Returns

Hidden Building Trick
Elkridge, MD
April 26, 2022
It has been a busy two weeks since arriving back in Maryland. The pace of life is faster with more distractions and Chris and I are getting fewer things accomplished than we had hoped, but the downsizing is beginning. Of course, Easter and then Mom's Celebration of Life Service, with corresponding travel, probably contributed to much of the activity in which we have been engaged. 

With those two events completed, perhaps we can begin to control our activity level more. I have managed only one bike ride since returning, although much of that is due to the cold temperatures we have been experiencing. The 30 degree temperature difference is partly to blame. 

Spring, however, is in full swing. I noticed this morning that the tree canopy has matured enough to hide the building on the hill behind our house. It is not fully mature, but still sufficient to provide shade and seclusion to the yard. I mowed for the second time yesterday and I am beginning the pool opening process. I have some left-over plumbing work to accomplish,  reattach the motor for the pump and then it will be off to buy the chemicals necessary to bring the pool to life. 

Another great day ahead and perhaps, weather permitting, a youth baseball game this afternoon as I make my return to coaching.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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