Wednesday, April 6, 2022

War Crimes and Atrocities

The verdict is apparently in--the Russian military is as brutal in dealing with civilians as it is incompetent on the battle field.

Putin the War Criminal 
The images and reports coming from Ukraine showing the atrocities committed against civilians is appalling. Putin has leapt into the annals of history as a war criminal and that will become his legacy.

For those who cling to the idea that the Ukrainians staged the atrocities, as has been reported in both Russian and Chinese media, we need only remember that the same Russian military targeted hospitals, schools, and other non-military installations as their assault stalled and their frustrations grew. I recall that the Russians only a few years ago were quick to highlight to the world every American action in Syria where civilians were injured or killed as part of collateral damage. How times have changed.

A CNN report on the Chinese reaction to the atrocities is especially distressing.

As the world reacts in horror to Bucha, China's state media strikes a different tone - CNN

But, we should expect such things as we live in a world where fake news is as prevalent as factual reporting. Even in the U.S. the the validity of the images and reports is being questioned. 

Hopefully, those within our own government who idolize Putin will take another look at the true face of authoritarianism and determine that democracy is a better path. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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