Sunday, April 10, 2022

Palms Against the Evening Sky


Palms Against the Evening Sky
Tequesta, FL
April 9, 2022
I will miss the palms.

Chris and I are preparing our return to Maryland and I know that I will miss the palms against the sky and the warm temperatures in addition to the beach, the sand, the ocean, and the sun. We were greeted this morning by temperatures in the low-50s. I can sum up the experience in one word: cold. However, I am mindful that the expected high today in Elkridge is one degree higher than the low this morning in Tequesta. The weather will be something we will need to learn about all over again: how to be warm when it is cold. 

The trip begins soon and there are many tasks to complete before we close up the condo for a few months. It is a process and it takes patience and thoroughness to ensure everything is complete and nothing critical is forgotten.

In other news, I failed to reach 100 miles on my bike for the week. I finished at a solid 95 miles--which is a personal record. Chris and I completed our biking for the week with a very enjoyable ride through a local state park near Jensen Beach. I expect my weekly biking mileage to fall off significantly upon returning to Maryland as I will be adding in activities such as golf and racquetball at the expense of bicycling. This week, however, was a week of 100 percent bicycling.

Today I will veggie out watching the Master's. I have been impressed with Tiger's return--which stalled yesterday due to the cold conditions, but still was amazing considering the adversity he overcame. He is currently tied for 41st at +7, and not only did he make the cut, but is certainly not the worst remaining on the course. 

Bottom line though, I still need to get my palm tree fix in before we depart. Maybe Happy Hour on the beach will be a possibility if the temperatures rise as expected. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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