Thursday, April 7, 2022

Beach Day!


Coral Cove Park Beach Conditions
Jupiter Island, FL
April 6, 2022
So as we have access continued to the beach, Chris and I are becoming a bit more selective about our beach days--looking for the perfect conditions. 

Yesterday, during the early afternoon our conditions were met. With the temperature soaring to 85 degrees and calm winds our conditions were met. It was just after high tide and the water was relatively calm when we walked onto the beach about 1:30 PM. I was happy to see the info on the be a ch sign that the water temperature has already risen to 77 degrees. Like most other beach days, we had the area almost all to ourselves. 

Chris on the Beach
Jupiter Island, FL
April 6, 2022
It had been a busy morning with the usual dog walk and I completed a 20 mile bike ride along beach road from Coral Cove Park all the way to Hobe Sound Nature Preserve and back. We were also fortunate in that we departed the beach after a couple hours and returned home before the afternoon thunderstorms arrived. 

Funny thing about the afternoon thunderstorms--they arrived rather suddenly and Chris was walking Finnegan at the time. She had not taken her cell phone with her and just as I heard the first peal of thunder and was calling her, I received a call from an unknown number which was her calling from a local shop to ask me to come retrieve her. So I headed out into the thunderstorm to retrieve the duo. 

Today? Did I mention that it is MLB Opening Day AND the first round of the Masters. I doubt that I will be outside this afternoon when the temperatures may exceed 90.

Just another day in Florida!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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