Friday, April 22, 2022


My Sandals
I am on the road again headed for New York and a reunion with family. We are attending the Celebration of Life for my Mom who passed during December. It has been a long wait, but we needed the weather to be nice. It promises to be a nice Spring day following 12 inches of snow earlier in the 

As I was packing for the short trip I came across my sandals. I have not worn them since returning to Maryland from Florida. That was over a week ago. Prior to that I think I had worn them nearly every day. It is funny how the weather determines what I wear. I have also been trapped wearing jeans for the past week. I miss my shorts. 

The sandals reminded me that warmer weather is coming. It cannot get here fast enough. I’m sure it will be here soon. 

For the service tomorrow I was advised to wear essentially throw-away shoes because mountains of mud are expected. I did not bring my sandals even though warmer weather is expected. 

Wearing the sandals will come soon enough maybe as soon as I return to Maryland. 

-- Bob Doan, somewhere in PA along Interstate 81

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