Saturday, June 13, 2020

Saturday Dawns--Needs to Get Better

It has been a wild day already and it is only a few hours old. 

Hydrangea in the Morning
Elkridge, MD
June 13, 2020
After celebrating a great Happy Hour with friends last night ending around a roaring bonfire, I had thought the morning which dawned bright and clear would be spectacular. I even took an image of our hydrangea which caught my eye as I was taking the dogs out earlier. The hydrangea displayed beautiful color in the golden rising sun light. Wow. 

And then the day took a downturn. Mikayla had an early morning drop-off at the vet for some tests. No big deal. So about 6:45 AM, Makayla and I hopped into the truck for the drive to the vet. Everything went well until I got to the vet.

Makayla always has to relieve herself when we get out of the truck, I know that, so I took her for a quick walk and she did pee. I called the vet to announce our arrival and Makayla was wandering around my feet while I was distracted. Well, it was then that I noticed that I had forgotten my facemark, ugh, the new normal. When the vet came to meet me and take Makayla it was then that I noticed that Makayla was pooping on the sidewalk, no big deal, I had poop bags. BUT--as I was cleaning that tile it was then that I noticed she had pooped before that while I was on the phone and distracted AND I had stepped in it!

Of course I cleaned it as best as I could (it was kind of soft) and offered to mop the sidewalk. The vet tech rescued me by saying she would clean the mess. She probably wanted to get rid of the non-mask wearing somewhat frazzled man with whom she was dealing. And a line with other dogs to be dropped off was forming.

So in summary:

By 7:15 AM, before my first cup of coffee, I had taken an image of spectacular flowers, delivered my dog to the vet for tests, forgotten my facemark, and stepped in dog poop! OMG--what else is coming today?

Note: Correction, I called it the wrong flower! Just to add to the mess of the day. I have corrected it. At least they both began with "H."

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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