Thursday, June 11, 2020

Finding Bias

The use of language in what is written and spoken is critical. Word choice must be accomplished in a manner to clearly express thoughts and intentions.
Protestors and Demonstrators 

I have been reading the words more closely lately and I have found a basic difference in characterization of the protests underway in the U.S. by the media.

One report of Mitt Romney's walk with the protestors this past weekend reports it as follows:

Over the weekend, Mitt Romney marched with Black Lives Matter to protest President Trump.
Romney made it clear he agreed with the rioters and looters that America is a racist country that needs to pay for its sins.
     -- Patriot Pulse

Fox News reported it more evenly:

Lawmakers including Rep. Ilhan Omar and Sen. Mitt Romney joined the crowds demanding justice for George Floyd in major cities over the weekend -- as some demonstrators seemingly amped up their rhetoric with stronger calls to disband police departments.

CNN Reported the event:

Over the weekend, Romney marched alongside protesters in Washington, tweeting what he has said is an obvious and important phrase to repeat: "Black lives matter."

What I want to point out is the characterization of the people that Senator Romney was marching with in the differing reports. The first implied that they were "rioters and looters." Words that are designed to incite the readers to action. The second and third, use more neutral words: "demonstrators" and "protestors."

Read carefully to discern the bias. Some of what is being "reported" is really propaganda.

Black Lives Matter

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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