Wednesday, June 3, 2020

A New Day Arrives

Yesterday was a momentous day. 
First Dinner Out since Coronavirus Lock-down
Annapolis, MD
June 2, 2020

It was primary day in Maryland and we voted by mail last week. Chris and I are very comfortable voting by mail. Having been in the military when I was younger, I never missed voting in a primary or a general election and I always had to vote by mail. I believe every vote matters and I personally do not see a problem with using mail-in ballots. It is important to vote and to have every vote counted. 

We also went out to dinner for the first time since the coronavirus lockdown. Yes to a restaurant, ok it calls itself a pub, Davis' Pub. We met with friends who arrived, in Annapolis, for dinner. We met with them as protestors were gathering to march through the streets of Maryland's capitol city. It was exciting to see the protestors gathering and we found a restaurant away from the crowd to enjoy dinner and catch-up on life since the last time we enjoyed time together. Dinner outside was great and we were told that this was only the second day that the pub was open for dining outside since the coronavirus lock-down. During dinner we could hear helicopters circling over downtown Annapolis monitoring the demonstration. 

Top of the Maryland Statehouse
From Main Street, Annapolis, MD
June 2, 2020
Chris on Main Street
Annapolis, MD
June 2, 2020
After dinner, and we tarried at the table for a long while to ensure the protest was over, and then headed into the city center not really knowing what to expect. We found deserted streets and although there remained a heightened police presence, the protest were evidently peaceful and the streets were vacant. And I mean vacant! None of the shops were open, but we found a small bar on Main Street with some outside seating and, fortunately, open restrooms. We sat and watched the last rays of the day fade from the sky. Enjoying time with friends and effectively being alone on the streets of Annapolis. 

Yesterday a new day dawned complete with citizens peacefully exercising their Constitutional right to demand change and dinner at a restaurant for the first time since early-March!

I wonder what new things today will bring.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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