Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Crazy Cat

Riordin Inspecting a Bag
Elkridge, MD
June 23, 2020
Chris and I have two cats. 

Riordin in a Bag
Elkridge, MD
June 23, 2020
One of them, Louis, is mostly a lump. The classic cat that just lays around and makes me wonder why I have a cat.

The other one, Riordin, is more of a dog than a cat. He loves to sit on my lap when I am reading or watching TV. He has a very extroverted personality and does some really interesting and crazy things. He keeps life interesting, especially at about 2 AM when he decides to join me in bed and sleep next to me. I am allergic to cats!

The other day he decided that an empty bag on the counter needed a closer inspection. A very close inspection--from the inside. The bad was on the counter and he just needed to be deep inside of it. He never panicked, but he did try to move around d. We had to save him from falling off the counter at one point. After a few minutes we pulled the bag off--he actually went back into the bag and we finally had to put the bag on the floor for him to enjoy at his leisure. 

I know why the saying that cats have nine lives exists.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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