Sunday, June 7, 2020

Is that Dog Broken?

Finnegan being Carried
Another "crippled" Dog
Elkridge, MD
June 3, 2020
At dinner the other evening with friends a remark was made, "Oh, another crippled dog." I looked around for they injured animal, but did not see one. I did notice a small dog being carried by a woman. And then it occurred to me, that must be the crippled dog about which the comment was made. It was too injured to walk. Of course the dog was not injured at all, its owner was just carrying it.

We saw more dogs during the evening which were being carried and there the comment about a crippled dog was always made. 

Apparently Finnegan, although he was not present at dinner, discovered that he, too, could feign an injury be carried. It happened the other day during our morning walk as the temperatures were approaching 90 degrees. 

Finnegan stopped walking and sat down. He would not move. As we were a good distance from home and with the temperature rising, I shared the burden with Chris and carried him. Finnegan became the crippled dog! 

As it turned out I was not walking the dog, the dog was walking me!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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