Saturday, June 27, 2020

Escape from Coronavirus

Dad, Me, Mom
Letchworth State Park
Castile, NY
June 26, 2020
Chris and I made our escape from coronavirus yesterday. The timing seemed right for us to complete the trip we had planned and subsequently canceled during mid-March into the wilds of upstate New York to visit my parents. 

The drive was easy due to the bright and sunny day as well as the low traffic volume. It has been some time since I have driven through the rural countryside and mountains of central Pennsylvania and upstate New York. The green hills and open farmlands are welcome change from the densely populated Washington-Baltimore region.  

But, this was a day to visit with Mom and Dad. We arrived without incident and spent a great afternoon with them. We actually enjoyed lunch in a restaurant! Yes, inside. We were the only people in one of the rooms of the Glen Iris Inn at Letchworth State Park in Castile, New York. It was a marvelous lunch surrounded by the natural beauty of the falls which Letchworth StatePark highlights. I had never been to this park before and it is another of the wonderful natural beauties which adorn upstate New York. 

The visit with Mom and Dad was great. To actually see and touch them after so many weeks of Zoom-ing.  We gave Dad his late Father's Day gift. It was late because we had originally planned to visit them last weekend and deliver it in person early, but a last minute change forced us to delay a week. 

For a day we escaped from coronavirus. We wore our face masks as required, but since we were mostly outside or seated at our table in the restaurant, the only time we had to don them was when we actually walked through the facility to be seated or to depart. 

I realized that yesterday marked my first trip outside of Maryland since February. With the cases of coronavirus on the rise, it was good to get away. 

Chris and I made a promise to make these trips more frequent.

— Bob Doan, writing from Ithaca, NY

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