Thursday, January 23, 2020

The In-Between Week

I decided to take a break from writing about the Impeachment Trial and write about football.

Welcome to the in-between week. Since the NFL Pre-Season began during August, we have had a steady diet of football--until this week. This week the only game on tap is the Pro Bowl and that just does not generate a lot of interest. I may watch it because there are a lot of Ravens playing in the game who would rather be playing in the Super Bowl, but alas, the fortunes of football did not shine kindly on them during their last game of the season against the Titans. 

Next week, the Super Bowl hype will begin in earnest as the ramp-up to the big game begins. But this week--there is a void of football reporting and most sports reporting for that matter. I did read that Derek Jeter and Larry Walker were selected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

It is, however, generally quiet on the sports front and, hence, the Impeachment Trial seems to be the biggest news around. 

But to get out there and back to the Super Bowl, I am picking the Kansas City Chiefs to defeat the San Francisco 49ers and win their first Super Bowl in 50 years! And I am an ole time Chiefs fan as I was cheering for Kansas City 50 years ago when they defeated the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 even though the Vikings were 13 point favorites! It was the Chief's second Super Bowl--they lost to Green Bay in the first Super Bowl which was not called the Super Bowl when they played the game. 

Super Bowl Fact: Super Bowl IV, won by the Chiefs was the last Super Bowl played between the AFL and the NFL. After that season the AFL merged into the NFL to become the NFL that we have today.

And so the in-between week continues. And now, back to the Impeachment Trial.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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