Thursday, January 30, 2020

January--and it's not over yet!

It is the 30th of January!

It feels as if 2020 just began and it is about to be 8.3 percent complete with the end of January arriving tomorrow. 

It has been a tumultuous month.

- The U.S. killed an important Iranian general

- Iran attacked U.S. bases

- The Impeachment Trial began in the Senate

- The stock market rose to all time highs making us think that the economy is doing great

- The fires in Australia were out of control and then were contained, mostly

- The coronavirus burst onto the scene eclipsing our fears of the flu and probably beginning a pandemic

- Kobe Bryant and eight other people died in a tragic helicopter crash

- Two satellites had a close encounter over Pittsburgh last evening

And the month is not over yet!

I wonder what February will bring? I hope it is more sedate.

Did you ever notice that January is generally thought of as cold and snow while February is hearts and flowers? February is the colder of the two months!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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