Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Dryer Repair - Complete

LG Dryer with the Top and Electronics Removed
The holiday project was replacing parts on the 10-year old dryer to get the heat back up to temperature and shorten the drying cycle. 

LG Dryer
Disassembled Including the Tub
The parts replacement required the complete disassembly of the dryer. Thank goodness that there was an incredibly helpful video to get me through it. While disassembling the dryer Chris and I were amazed at the amount of spare change that we found and the amount of lint that accumulated since the dryer was placed in service. Disassembling the dryer allowed us to do a thorough cleaning which will assist in helping the air flow through the heating unit. 

The actual parts replacement was fairly straightforward after the disassembly was complete. It only took three tools to complete the entire project: Philips screwdriver, straight blade screwdriver, and needle nose pliers. The video did not indicate the needle nose pliers were required, but I needed them to help pop-in the tabs on two of the parts I was replacing.

I am calling the project a qualified success--we have not actually dried a load of clothes in it yet, but when I conducted the test run the heat was hotter that before. I feel confident that it will work properly now. If not, there are two other parts that can be replaced, but in my reading of the symptoms and suggested repair they were not indicated as the problem. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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