Sunday, January 26, 2020

Billy Coulter and Arch - A Concert Evening

Billy Coulter (L) and Arch (R)
Cellar Music House Concert
January 25, 2020
Last evening, Chris and I attended a house concert featuring Billy Coulter and Arch. The concert was the revival of the Cellar Music House Concert Series which had been dormant for a few years. 

It was a nice evening for a house concert as the weather was nice and did not present difficulties for driving. To make the evening even better, the music was fabulous. Billy Coulter has a nice easy rock sound with lyrics that come from the heart. He is well known in the D.C. area and has won many local awards. He related a story where one of his songs was even used in by a national news outlet. Billy and Arch make a great duo and it is clear that they have played together often and they work together as a smoothly functioning team to create enjoyable and compelling music. 

I added a short video to help visualize the venue and highlight the performers. 

Cellar Music House Concerts creates an intimate forum with close access to the artists. The room allows for good viewing and easy access. It is in the basement, or cellar, and so there are stairs. The crowd last evening was friendly and enjoyed the performance. The exchange of food and drink made the evening a perfect--good food, great drink, and fabulous music. 

What could possibly be better? 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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