Wednesday, January 22, 2020

As the Senate Churns

Day 1 of the Senate Impeachment Trial of the President is complete. I have to admit, I found it fascinating to watch the strategic dance being performed by the donkey and the elephant. The party lines, the rampant partisanship is so firmly entrenched in the Congress that despite rational and compelling arguments, the Senate can produce nothing other than a 53-47 vote. 

I fear for the future of our Republic if we can not overcome the partisanship that has so profoundly gripped our government. Because of the partisanship, the Senate is abrogating its responsibility to find the truth and conduct a trial. And we will hear of this later today as the President likely will trumpet from his Twitter throne that not one Republican has broken ranks!

The truth is out there--but we are afraid to find it.

The trial, it seems, is not about truth, but rather it is about having the elephant crush the donkey regardless of the cost to the country, our reputation, our integrity. 

Has the presidency become a monarchy? Is the president above the law? After Day 1, apparently so.

Day 2 is on tap--I wonder what new revelations will be uncovered today.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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