Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Illegal Dumping - Elkridge

Garbage Along US 1 in Elkridge, MD
January 26, 2020
It was incredibly terrible what Chris and I witnessed over the weekend with respect to trash dumped along the highway. In Elkridge, along U.S. 1 near Troy Hill someone piled what appeared to be a large pick-up truck load of garbage along the highway. 

We could not believe that someone had just dumped  trash along the road, but then further along the highway alongside of the on-ramp to MD 100 was another smaller pile. We heard that there were other piles as well along the road. Sadly, we could find no news reporting about the incidents. Chris and I considered whether it was a group cleaning litter form the roads, however, there was no signs that the roadways were any cleaner. 

Looking alongside the highways I noticed that the amount of litter is out of control. Of course the litter is highlighted because of the winter and the grasses are not growing to hide the trash. I cannot fathom why people believe that it is alright to throw their garbage into the environment. We are turning our region into a large garbage dump. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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