Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday From the Front Page

The Impeachment Trial continues as the prosecution lays out its case in a carefully constructed manner which is frustrating the defense which has to wait another day before being able to take center stage. 

Here are some of the headlines I found associated with the impeachment proceedings:

Democrats emphasize abuse-of-power charge against Trump as GOP complains of repetition - The Washington Post

Trump, Democrats keep their distance from GOP moderates as crucial impeachment votes loom - The Washington Post

Trump trial: The case for the conviction of a president - The Times (UK)

Donald Trump ‘flagrantly’ abused power: Impeachment trial - The Hindustan Times (India)

Two days into Trump’s trial, Republicans appear unmoved but offer Democrats some praise - The Hindustan Times (India)

The House Managers’ Star Witness? Trump Himself - The New York Times

I checked Tass--the Russian News Agency, for a mention of the impeachment proceedings--it is not mentioned at all. 

Day 4 is about to begin. The prosecution will complete its case and tomorrow, yes, I am told there will be Saturday testimony, the defense begins.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD 

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