Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday Musings - November 27, 2017

Before the Christmas Decorations
1. The last Monday in November has arrived. The Christmas shopping season is in full swing.

2. The best way to avoid the holiday traffic is not to drive anywhere in the Sunday after Thanksgiving!
After the Christmas Decorations 

3. Winners and Losers: Winners: Steelers, Redskins, Penguins. Losers: Cowboys. DNP (yet) Ravens.

4. When the leftovers are gone, we can make soup.

5. Christmas is arriving in the house. Did I mention that the tree has changing lights on it? White or multi-color or alternating! I should have started a fire in the fireplace for additional ambiance. 
After Christmas Decorations Part 2

6. If you survived Black Friday with your wallet in tact, congratulations. According to one source, the term originated about 1952 to describe the shopping frenzy on the day after Thanksgiving. 

7. December dawns on Friday, and with it the final month of 2017. There is just enough time to make good on all of those unkept New Year's resolutions.

8. My 2018 New Year's resolution list:
    a. I resolve to make no New Year's resolutions
    b. If I start to make a resolution, see the previous resolution.
    c. If I resolve to make no resolutions, have I then made a resolution? 


The jihadist plan to use women to launch the next incarnation of ISIS - The Washington Post

Iran in Europe MISSILE threat warning of WW3 rocket attack - The Daily Star

Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

"I'm talking about principles that begin with the sacred worth of human life; the cherished place of the family; the responsibility of parents and schools to be teachers of truth, tolerance, hard work, cooperation, and love; and the role of our major institutions -- government, industry, and labor -- to provide the opportunities and security -- opportunities and security free people need to build and leave behind a better world for their children and their children's children."

Address Before the Japanese Diet in Tokyo, November 11, 1983

- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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