Thursday, November 2, 2017

Congrats to Houston Astros

I stayed up until midnight and watched the Houston Astros win their first ever World Series by defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 in game 7 of the Fall Classic.

Baseball is over for the year. A new champion has been crowned. 

The Astros now leave the group of teams which have never won a World Series. That group is larger than you might think and consists of the San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays, Milwaukee Brewers and Colorado Rockies. Additionally, the Washington Nationals (formerly the Montreal Expos) and Seattle Mariners have never even appeared in a World Series.

It is hard to believe that a sport which has been around for so many years has 7 teams which have never won a championship. I read that the Astros were formed during 1962.

I am glad that my prediction of a Dodger series victory in six games was wrong. That, after all is why they play the games. 

The off-season can now begin in earnest!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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