Saturday, November 18, 2017

Friday Night Politics

Friday evenings mark the beginning of the weekend for Chris and I and our group of friends.

Friday Night Appetizers
Last evening was no exception. We gathered together at a friend's house to enjoy the end of the workweek and reconnect our lives. 

The food was sumptuous and enjoyable while the wine freely flowed.

The discussion centered on the politics of the week with two topics taking center stage: taxes and elephants.

Taxes have been in the news and we all agreed that the plans being presented by the Congress do not represent wins for the middle class. Robert Reich wrote and article titled The GOP Tax Bill is Everything That's Wrong with Our Democracy and in it spells out the problems and inconsistencies.

And then there was the discussion of elephant trophies. We were collectively appalled that the government was going to allow the importation of elephant trophies. Clearly, every middle class household has room for an elephant trophy and we are all big game hunters on the side. Wile were were having an excited discussion a headline came across my phone which indicated that the President had reversed the decision and the ban will remain in place while he reviews the conservation facts.

Our group could solve the problems of the world, if only . . . 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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