Thursday, November 9, 2017

First Fire of the Season

First Fire of the Season
November 8, 2017
Last evening marked the beginning of the cold season. 

The day represented the first day since April 7th that the temperature did not climb to at least 50 degrees!


It was raw and cold. Ten degrees below normal and just miserable.

It was a good evening to begin burning the recently delivered hals-cord of wood. And so we did. Chris and i enjoyed the first fire, in the fireplace, of the season.  It took the chill out of our living room and warmed our hearts.

It was dark by 5:30 PM. With the coming freeze, the lines to the pool house needed to be blown out and the hoses uncoupled from the faucets. 

There is so much work to get done before the winter actually arrives. We still need to get the frost sensitive plants inside before the upcoming freeze. 

And then we need to hunker down and plan a strategy to survive another winter. 

Too soon, I fear there is snow coming, but then there will be more fires in the fireplace.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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