Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday Musings - November 13, 2017

1. This is the in-between week. The week sandwiched between Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving!

2. Patrick took his drone with us to visit some wineries yesterday. He got some great shots at Big Cork Winery and was the center of attention as people took interest in his endeavor. 

3. It was a great three-day weekend, except for the cold. Now, it is back to our regularly scheduled workweek.

4. Do retirees actually care what day of the week it is?

5. If the Congressionally sponsored tax plans take away the tax advantages of home ownership, then who will own homes?

6. About taxes--why are they continuing to meddle with the existing and admittedly flawed system. Perhaps it is time to go to a flat tax system with few deductions and be done with it. 

7. I think people are finally becoming done with the antics of the NFL and the over-paid prima donna players. See the Headline below.

8. Winners and Losers: 
    Winners: Steelers. 
    Losers: Cowboys, Redskins, Penguins (2). 
    Did not play: Ravens.


Trump Mocks Kim Jong Un: I Would Never Call Him ‘Short and Fat’ - The Washington Free Beacon

Surveillance Cameras Made by China Are Hanging All Over the U.S. - The Wall Street Journal

Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

"Each time our nation has called upon our citizens to serve, the best have come forward. Words cannot express our gratitude and admiration. But we can and should take the opportunity on this Veterans Day to remember their gift to us. When you see one of our young men and women in uniform on the street or someplace, how about a smiling 'hello' and, maybe, a 'thank you.'"

Radio Address to the Nation on America's Veterans, November 5, 1983

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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