Sunday, November 12, 2017

Lost in the News

If someone is making the news, then they are controlling the news.

Most often we look at making the news as a bad thing and that is because it seems that the news media likes a juicy story that is full of poor decisions and subterfuge. 

In reviewing the headlines form the past few months, there have been hurricanes, Charlottesville, Las Vegas, New York City, Sutherland Springs, Russian meddling in the election, tax plans, Obama-care repeal and the list goes on.

The hard part is finding out what happens after the events are over are no longer in the headlines. 

The recovery from the recent hurricanes continues. People are still putting their lives back together--yet I cannot find any more coverage of that in the news.

As for the shootings--many people will be living with the pain of loss or the recovery from wounds for years.

I constantly remind myself that the news stories are about people and that once the reporters have departed from the scene, the people remain. The people are the story--be they the perpetrator or the victims.

Lost in the news are the people and they remain after the lights have turned off.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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