Sunday, April 2, 2017

Saturday Workday

The first reasonably nice weekend of the Spring and coincidentally of the the month provided the opportunity for a work day around the house.

Lucas with the Ball
The leaves that winter's winds had blown into the yard and along the fences needed to be removed to allow for the grass to spring up and fill in the bare sport. There actually were a lot of leaves to move and that they were heavy from the past few days of rain added some weight to the operation. 

Lucas Takes a Shot
Chris and I labored outside for a number of hours on the leaves and and also set up our pool deck, although pool opening day is still about a month away. The blossoms are coming on many of our flowering trees. The weeping cherry is visible near the shed in the picture of Lucas with the ball. 

There was time for some fun along the way. Jeremy and Lucas happened by for a visit and there may have been some basketball played in the driveway. My truck, as usual, served as a partite backstop, ugh. Chris managed one shot which saw the ball hit my truck on three separate occasions. 

It was a busy and enjoyable day outside. As the Springtime continues, there are sure to be many more outdoor days! 

Sunscreen! We forgot the sunscreen!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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