Thursday, April 13, 2017

Palm Trees in the Wind

Palm Tree in the Wind
I was going to title this "A Study of Palm Trees" but I decided that images of two palm trees blowing in the wind did not constitute a study. 

Afternoon on the Intracoastal
Jupiter Island, Florida
April 12, 2017
The Atlantic Ocean has been rough during my entire vacation thus far. Three foot waves crashing onto the beaches and a steady wind that makes the nearly 80 degree temperatures seem cool.

The beauty of one of the beaches that we frequent is that the ocean is on one side and there are calmer beaches on the intracoastal waterway side. We found respite from the wind and waves yesterday on the intracoastal side and had an thoroughly enjoyable afternoon on the beach. It was as if we had out own private beach from which to watch the yachts sail the channel to the sea.

Palm Tree in the Storm
But it was the palm trees in the wind, illuminated by the sun with the dark storm clouds behind them that caught my eye. Standing alone, as palm trees often do, against the worst storms that the weather can throw against them. 
Palm Tree on the Dune

I enjoy palm trees.

What more can I say. I know that I am far enough south when palms begin to appear with increasing regularity and frequency. I know that they potentially can survive northern winters, but they do not grow naturally in the wilds of Maryland. I even found a website that details the correct types of palms to purchase for the varied Maryland climate zones. 

Maybe I will start landscaping with palm trees and sand.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Tequesta, Florida

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