Sunday, April 23, 2017

Happy the Rains Came

Circular Stairway at
Creek's Edge Winery
Yesterday's rain completely changed my plans for the day. 

The day was scheduled to be devoted to baseball with the annual GORC parade in the morning and another game for the GORC 10U Intramural Dodgers in the afternoon. Both events were canceled due to the wet conditions. 

The cancellations meant that the day suddenly became a blank page waiting to be filled with unscheduled activities. The first was the obligatory springtime trip to the landfill and recycling center. There is always an accumulation of junk that needs to move along and Chris and I managed a truckload yesterday. We were on our way to the dump by 8:30 AM which was the time the parade was supposed to form.

On the way home, we stopped at Home Depot and did some shopping. Being Springtime, there is always yard work that needs to be done and in this case we bought some grass seed to fill in the holes in the yard. We also priced a new smoker as our old rusted one had just been delivered to the metal recycling area of the landfill. 

Now the afternoon, what to do for the afternoon on a rainy day. Visit wineries, of course, was the answer. We hit the road and headed west to visit Big Cork, where we had a wine club distribution to retrieve. We enjoyed a tasting at the winery and then decided to find a winery we had not previously visited. After some work on the cell phone, the decision was Creek's Edge Winery about 30 minutes from where we were, but somewhat on the way back home. 

I will be writing up a full review in my wine blog, but visiting Creek's Edge was a great choice for the afternoon and we spent a few hours watching the rain fall and sampling some very nice Virginia wines in a magnificent and relaxing atmosphere.

I'm happy the rains came. Chris and I enjoyed a great unplanned day!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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