Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Opening Day Ends in Celebration

Patrick Walking Towards OPACY for the Game
The Crowd on Eutaw Street
Of course today is going to be about the Orioles Opening Day. Patrick and I invested about seven hours in the festivities and the game--and were not disappointed.

Pre-game Festivities and the Orange Carpet Run
The game was both long and exciting. We were at OPACY with over 45,000 of our new best friends for the 11 inning, 3 hour and 41 minute contest in which only 5 total runs scored on 20 hits. Eleven pitchers were used during the game.  The weather was OK for early April with temperatures in the mid-60's, but overcast with the threat of rain as the game moved into extra innings. 

The Skyline from my Seat
Most importantly, however, was that the Orioles put a 1 in the WIN column and sitting at 1-0 for the season are tied for the American League (AL) East lead. Yes, it is only one game, but I am hopeful that the Orioles will be in the AL East lead for more of the season and especially at the end of the season during October.

After the Walk-off Homer in the 11th Inning for the Win
The game was exciting and I was impressed with both teams desire to win. At one point the Orioles had 5 hits in the game and four of them were doubles! They ended the game with 9 hits and of that four were doubles and then there was one home run, the game winning walk-off dinger by Trumbo!

Final score: 3-2 Orioles! The game had been tied 2-2 since the 6th inning.

There is really almost nothing more exciting in all of baseball than winning a game via the walk-off home run! The hardest part of the play, and especially on Opening Day, is making sure the batter actually gets to touch home plate before the ensuing mob of players express their enthusiasm for the dramatic victory. 

It was a great day at the park. There are still 161 games remaining in the season and 80 of them are home games!

Let's Go O's!!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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