Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Playing on the Beach

Chris Searching for Shells
 at Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge
April 11, 2017
Chris at Carlin Park
April 11, 2017
The waves have been high along the beaches which have hindered our ability to play in the water. 

We have not been able to snorkel, but we have been enjoying the ocean and beaches in other ways. 

Our morning beach walk has been occurring on differing beaches. The waves have been magnificent. The scenery awesome. 

Chris has been having a blast playing with the waves and searching for shells. I ended the video below just before a wave caught up with Chris. It was very funny.

Yesterday we visited three beaches. I have to admit, it looks as if the entire Sargasso Sea is coming ashore. The beaches are still a lot of fun and the sun is still warm.

And, of course, I am not at work!

There are still, countless tomorrow's.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Tequesta, Florida

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