Sunday, April 30, 2017

Good-bye April

Another month of the year 2017 is about to occur and the year will officially be 25 percent complete. 

Our Lilac Bush
It is hard to believe how quickly the time is passing. The birds of Spring are singing in my ears where just a short month ago it was gray and cold with almost no birds calling to fill the air with song. 
Lilac Close-up

The trees surrounding my yard are still filling out, but I can say that all of my friends have returned for another season. I realize how much I had missed the green.

The lilac bush is finally in full bloom; filling the air with its sweet and unique scent. 

Thus far, my allergist seems to have managed a miracle and my allergies are under control and I am able to enjoy the Springtime without being drugged into submission.

Sitting on my back deck, with the birds, surrounded by the flowering plants of Springtime I am reminded that these are the best days. I savor them and I need to remember them, especially during the dark days of the Winter.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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