Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Playing the First Game

GORC 10U Intramural Dodgers
April 17, 2017
Coaching youth baseball is at the same time frustrating and rewarding. It is an investment in the future, but until the team actually steps foot onto the baseball diamond against an opponent who has been similarly coached you never really know what to expect.

Jackson Preparing to go to the Plate
Last evening the GORC 10U Intramural Dodgers played their first game of the season that runs until early June. It was a beautiful April evening with temperatures in the high 60's and relatively clear skies after some rain showers passed through about noon. The field was in good shape for a game, thanks to the hard work of Mike and Jim who worked on it for about two hours. 

Dodgers in the Field
To their credit, the boys have been practicing hard and having fun learning the game. Mike has designed practices that focus on fundamentals like catching the ball and knowing where to throw it.

It turns out that at the kid pitch level, pitching is critical. Our team has pitchers, but, we also have a team full of boys who love playing baseball and are learning how to play it well. 

The game lasted a full two-hours plus and we only completed five innings due to the time limit, but the Dodgers came away with a big win that saw everything--pitching, fielding, smart base-running, hitting and most importantly a lot of fun. The game was slow because the other team's pitchers had trouble finding the plate and there were a lot of walks. Their hitters showed up late in the game and allowed our players to display their ability to think fast and make good decisions in the field. 

The final score is not as important as the fact that the boy on the team contributed and demonstrated solid baseball skills in every facet of the game. There are still areas that need work, but for the first game of the season it was a great start!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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