Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Holiday Weekend in Review

It was a crazy holiday weekend.

It seemed that every time something was turned on or used, it broke. I spent hours fixing things--like the pool heaters, faucets, door knobs, and the like. I can tell that the infrastructure of my house is aging. 

Did I golf? No. Why? Because the weathermen were not accurate with their forecasts. It always seemed like rain was forecast, but in reality the the rain only occurred in ernest on Sunday afternoon. 

I also learned that the local wildlife love my house. In addition to the fawn, I have seen baby bunnies and two juvenile woodchucks in the yard. Add to that the juvenile brown snake I helped out of the pool on Saturday morning and we are blessed with a few too many juvenile animals in the area.

I also worked on Jeremy's Jeep and helped him to add additional lights. That was an enjoyable distraction from cleaning and repairing. 

Somewhere during the weekend there was a truckload of mulch, multiple shopping excursions, trips to Lowe's for parts, and even a little lounging in the pool.

Chris with the Three Dogs
Did I mention dog sitting for two additional canines? Yup, Florence and Arthur were with us for the holiday weekend. The bed got a bit crowded.

I was able to watch the rain pummel my roof and confirmed that my new gutter leaf guards did their jobs--there was no overflow! Yay!

The highlight of the weekend was, of course, the holiday family picnic. I felt Chris' pain as the date for the picnic waffled between Sunday and Monday depending upon the weather report. In the end, we got the better day on Monday and the picnic was a grand success. The pool was a balmy 82 degrees and the day was mercifully dry. 

I'm looking forward to the short week ahead, but it seems that Mondays which fall on Tuesdays are some of the busiest days!

With Memorial Day weekend behind me, I can now focus on the summer ahead. If only the weather will hold.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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