Thursday, May 19, 2016

Another Cold and Gloomy Night

May 18, 2016
I went to the Orioles-Mariners baseball game last evening. 

The Orioles won a well played game and I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the outing, but that would not be true.

It was there again--the weather.

At a time of year when I should be in a short sleeved shirt, shorts, and sandals; I was bundled up in two layers of shirts with a heavy coat. And I was cold!

Look at the overcast, gray skies in the picture of the stadium that I took last evening. I just looks cold. 

Even holding my obligatory baseball game cold beverage made my hand cold!

To add to the misery, it drizzled off and on all evening accompanied by a biting wind. 

The temperature at game time was 63 degrees, but by 9:30 had dipped into the 50's.

I long for the hot, 90 degree days of summer when I am sweltering in my seat with sweat rolling down my face making my cold beverage taste even that much better--until it gets warm.

I should enjoy the game more. The Orioles have the best home record in baseball (17-7) and the second best winning percentage in baseball. The enjoy a half-game lead over our arch rivals from Beantown and the team whose name shall remain unspoken is languishing 7.5 games back at the bottom of the division. 

I just wish the weather would become normal and that we would get a respite from the pervasive rain.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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