Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Out of the Nest

Blue Jay on Pool Edge
May 31, 2016
Last evening, after the Jax's GORC Pirates won their final game of the season, I was checking the pool and I noticed a small visitor sitting precariously on the edge. 

It was something I had never seen before--a juvenile, fresh from the nest, Blue Jay.  Chris has been feeding the Jay's and I guess they like it here because one of the newest members of the species was hanging out on the pool deck. It didn't even have a towel.

It seemed ready to spend the night there, but out in the open with the potential of drowning in the pool didn't seem like a good choice for its first, probably, night out on its own.

It was very docile and did not mind having its presence documented for posterity. 

The bigger question was, "so what do we do with it?" 

Blue Jay on Pool Net
May 31, 2016
We determined that using the pool net to relocate it to a more suitable area was the best approach. The young Jay was very accommodating and jumped onto the edge of the net while I carried it, no small distance, around the pool and out to the yard. Determining that it needed cover for the night, we attempted to put it in a tree, but the was the one time the small bird objected. It did not want to be in a tree. 

It hopped off the net onto the ground and seemed comfortable there. Both Chris and I were a bit concerned about the local fox finding it, but the young Jay hopped into the underbrush seeking cover.

The number of juvenile animals around the house continues to increase. We have had a fawn spend the day, we have seen multiple baby rabbits, two juvenile wood chucks, and juvenile snakes of multiple varieties.

I wonder if our gardens can support all of them.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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