Thursday, May 12, 2016

They Tell Stories . . .

The Sun Still Shines
Stories are told about days that used to be filled with blue skies, warm temperatures and sunshine. 

For the Baltimore region, it has been two weeks since we have seen blue skies and sunshine for an entire day. I remember being so excited about a passing patch of blue sky and sunshine that I took a picture.

It was announced that the region is currently in pursuit of a record stretch of continuous days of precipitation. The record is 18 straight days and we have currently have 15. That is correct--15 straight days which have seen some form of measurable precipitation. It is possible that the string could be broken today.  

It has been almost two weeks since the GORC Pirates were able to play or practice on a baseball field! 

It has been two weeks since Cat (my convertible) left the comfortable confines of the garage and took to the streets for a drive. I may drive it to work this morning just because I can.

In checking the morning weather statistics, there has been no measurable precipitation so far--and it looks good that the string of rainy weather will be broken. Unfortunately, thunderstorms will be in the region for the entire day tomorrow--and I am supposed to play in a golf tournament. Ugh!

Weather is something we deal with daily, but when it becomes newsworthy then it has moved from the dealing into the coping category. 

Here's hoping for sunshine and warmer temperatures. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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