Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Plans Gone Awry

I used to play in a racquetball league on Tuesday nights. That is something that I have enjoyed, well mostly, for many years. 

This Spring, in a rare moment of forward thinking, I decided to use Tuesday nights for some mid-week golf--which come with reduced rates and fewer golfers on the courses, so that I could work on my game.

Florida Golf Course During March
Here is a recap of my Tuesday golfing experience thus far:

4/19: Trip to Alaska--no golf

4/26: Youth baseball game (I am a coach)-- no golf

5/3: Orioles game (part of my season plan)-- no golf

Today: Nothing else scheduled, but it looks like rain! 

The high temperature today is forecast for the middle 50's! Ugh. 

Well, the weather might clear. The forecast has been wrong before. 

As for golf, I can count the total number of times that I have graced a golf course during April and May on two fingers. And even then the combined number of holes is only 18! At this rate, I probably should go back to playing racquetball on Tuesday evenings.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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