Wednesday, May 25, 2016

First in a String

Looking Back Toward the 17th Tee Box
Timbers at Troy Golf Course
Last evening I headed out after work and enjoyed a round of golf at my local course. It was a momentous event given the incredible cold and rain of the past weeks.

I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt--and was comfortable. I think there was even some sweat as I enjoyed the first 80 degree day during May. It was such a beautiful day and I didn't mind sharing the course with a family of geese. They watched me closely, but did not seem too perturbed by my presence. The goslings were happy to be finding food protected under the watchful eye of the adults.

Looking at the forecast, it appears that the cycle of cold, gloom, and rain is finally broken. Every day from now until June 3rd is forecast for 80 degree temperatures and no appreciable rain. June 3rd may break the string of great weather, but that is still days away and as I am fully aware, the weather can and will change. Sure, there are thunderstorms in the forecast--I can deal with those. 

Today looks as if it will be the second day in a row of moderate and enjoyable weather. I will be able to do the lawn work that I didn't start last evening because I was out whacking a small white ball with a club. 

I had to get out and enjoy the great weather. 

Memorial Day weekend is looking great!

Bring on the pool and the celebrations.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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