Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Musings - May 2, 2016

1. May arrived over the weekend with the promise warmer temperatures. Despite the arrival, it was unseasonably cold and rainy here.

Geese on Patuxent Greens Golf Course
April 30, 2016
2. Saturday, being the best day weather-wise of the weekend, a round of golf was attempted. Despite the cold temperatures, the course was packed with other golfers and I played the slowest front 9 known to man, taking three hours to complete 9 holes. We decided not to play the back 9.

3. There were a lot of Canadian Geese on the golf course Saturday. 

4. It is beginning to look as if the front runners in the political races are going to secure the nominations. It could be a lot of fun at the conventions this summer.

Gustav Becker Grandfather Clock Repair
5. Our grandfather clock has not been gonging. I took time to examine and repair the problem yesterday. It was fun to be deep into a clock again.

Post Game Celebration with GORC Pirates
April 30, 2016
6. The GORC Pirates, Jax's baseball team, are very good. They won another close game on Saturday by employing some excellent defense.

7. Chris and I took Saturday afternoon, before the rain, to get grass seed down in some of the bare areas of the yard. The rain and warmer temperatures should help the seed to germinate quickly and fill in the yard.

The Green Has Returned
May 1, 2016
8. I completed a number of small projects around the house during the incessant rain yesterday. 

9. I noticed, both on the golf course and in my yard, that the "green" has returned! Yay for the green leaves of Summer!

10. Yesterday was May Day--a holiday throughout much of the northern hemisphere. I hope their weather was better.

11. Did I mention that the Penguins tied their playoff series 1-1 with the Capitals even after a late hit that has resulted in a three-game suspension for one of the Capitals players? Go Pens!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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