Friday, April 15, 2016

Unreal Flu!

I had been feeling crappy for a couple of days and finally took Chris's advice and went to the Doctor.  I could not believe the diagnosis.

There it was on the little quick Flu test card--Type A flu!

My life is too busy to be laid up to overcome the flu.

I got my flu shot this year like I do every year! It is April after all--definitely not the middle of flu season. 

I'd Rather be Doing This
I found a few articles on the net about how you can get the flu even if you get the flu shot, but why me? I even found a weekly report for Maryland flu cases. There is way too much medical-ese in it, but the flu is minimal and widespread.

I wasn't looking for a sick timeout at this time. It is Springtime and life is taking off full speed. There are baseball games, house repairs, golf and so many other activities in which to be involved. Instead I spent yesterday on my sofa under my "sick" comforter barely conscious after coming home form the doctor.

Tamiflu is a great medicine, I think it is the reason I am feeling much better today. At least I am awake and have stopped coughing up a lung every time I move. 

The sun is shining! That's a plus.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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