Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Take: Political Catastrophe

Every day it seems the news from the Presidential Olympics becomes darker. 

The candidates continue to spew forth utterances that would be unacceptable in the workplace about their competitors and in mean spirited ways.

I also find it sad that one candidate, in particular, continues to believe that if the race is not going well then it is a problem with the rules. I am mystified that so many people do not see through the bellicose bluster and find little meaningful substance beneath. The rules are not stacked against him, he just needs to take time to read the rules book!

It is almost like the kid who shows up at the playground to play a game that everyone else has been playing for years only to tell everyone else they are doing it wrong when he starts to lose.

Change the rules to fit the situation.

And it is not just one candidate taking the stage to participate in a "let's talk bad about the other guy" session. With the exception of one candidate, they all are filling the airwaves with what in almost any other venue would be considered slanderous remarks.

Turning to the Trump family--doesn't anyone find it disingenuous that they are complaining about the rules to register to vote in New York? With the exception of the 9-year old, they are complaining they didn't register to vote in the primary in time. 

Here's a thought--the oldest is 37 and the youngest 21--why didn't they register years ago when they turned 18 and start participating in the process then?

Twisting the news and the rules to meet the personal situation. 

My Take: People must accept responsibility for their shortcomings and not blame something or someone else--like the rules, or immigrants!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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