Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Flying the Skies

I have become spoiled! Five years ago I never would have admitted that Southwest Airlines got it right, but after my chaotic experiences yesterday boarding two Alaskan Air flights, I am a believer.

As the boarding process began, it was chaos in the boarding area. Nonexistent were the orderly lines that Southwest uses to queue people up. It was a mad dash for the overhead bin space based upon flyer preference status and then, for the rest of us, row assignment. 

Dinner on the Flight
I foresaw the confusion and did well in the scramble for limited overhead space, but others were not so lucky. 

One area where the flights yesterday were abetter was the food service. I had a 5 hour flight followed by a 3+ flight. There was food! And wine.

But, it only made about 25 minutes go by of the entire flight.

Flying--it had its ups and downs.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Anchorage, Alaska

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