Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pool Opening Delayed

The Pool is Ready to be Opened
Today was supposed to be one on my favorite days of the year: pool opening day! The day when Summer begins arriving.

Not going to happen.

I have reinstalled the motor in the pump housing and the water lines to the filter have been reconnected. The chemicals are in the pool house ready, but the weather forecast is terrible. Rain and highs mostly in the 60's for the next week have factored into the decision. Not the kind of weather that screams for a pool to be open. At least, unlike Denver, Colorado, there is no snow in the forecast. 
10 Day Weather Forecast for Elkridge

Because the event will now occur during May, this will be the latest that I have ever opened my pool.

I am bummed. Summer's arrival is delayed.

The weather forecast is not good for golf either. The courses promise to be wet and soggy. It is also not good for baseball--either coaching youth baseball or attending Orioles games.

At least the leaves are almost fully on the trees and the "green" has returned.

Next Saturday is the rescheduled pool opening day.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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