Friday, April 29, 2016

Parking Lot Dance

I had the pleasure of visiting multiple parking lots last evening as Chris and I scurried around the county to get our chores done.

People are strange (that's the only way I can say it) about parking their cars. 

Being a Thursday night, the parking lots were generally lightly populated and yet, people waited for my space because it was two or three places closer to the door rather than just driving to an open space and being on their way.

It seemed funny to me that to in order to save 30 feet of walking, people would wait for a few minutes behind my car for me to depart.

It was not raining and so that was not the reason for the waiting. Nor was the sun blazing super heated rays upon the scene either.

People just wanted a closer spot. The trade off was a closer spot instead of the immediate gratification of being able to park a few spaces away.

I don't like to spend time waiting in parking lots and I don't mind walking a few extra feet--I am usually just happy to find a spot in the lot. 

Clearly, however, I am going have to do more shopping on Thursday evenings because not only were the parking lots sparsely populated, but the stores were empty, too!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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