Tuesday, June 23, 2015

When the Storm Passes, There is Light

Jeremy looking across a pond waiting
for our revised Tee Time
Saturday evening Tropical Depression Bill made its appearance on the Maryland region. That was concerning not only for the huge amounts of water which deluged the area and the locally heavy flooding, but also because we had a 5:45 AM Tee time the following morning.

The guys and I look forward to our golf outings. We get to spend time away on carefully groomed lawns hitting small white balls with impressive looking clubs. And we enjoy it.

I guess there is something almost prehistoric about it--using the clubs to bring home the prey.

Despite the heavy rains, which were just ending as we departed our homes about 5AM to head off to the course, we were undeterred. The weather report indicated that clear skies would develop shortly after dawn and the day would be fabulous.

It was Father's Day, after all. We just had to be able to play.
At the First Tee

As we checked in at the clubhouse, we were relieved to find the course was open, although there was some question as to whether the back nine would be playable. They asked us to delay about 15 minutes so they could finish ensuring the safety of the course.

By the time we teed off, the skies were clearing and the day was dawning perfect. And we were off for another morning of golf and competition.

Yes, there were some wet spots--and occasionally a ball hit into the middle of the fairway found a recently developed water feature, but all in all, it was a great morning for golf and we finished our round just as the day started to get hot and humid.

In retrospect, we made a good decision to head off to the course and were rewarded by playing a fun round of golf.

Sometimes we just need to press on with our plans and not worry too much about the weather!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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