Friday, June 19, 2015

School Year Endings

Today is the last day of school for Howard County, Maryland. While I no longer have any children actually attending school in Howard county, my life is closely affected by the schedule because Chris works for the school system.

And so, it is with much relief and some trepidation that I announce that it is time for Summer Vacation! Eight weeks, a very short time, to plan and execute vacations and dreams that will last for another whole year.

I remember when I was in school and I looked forward to summer vacation. Actually, I looked forward to not going to school. Some summers the time off just dragged on endlessly, but I always found ways to fill the time and generally did not complete the list of chores that I was left with on a daily basis.
Summer Vacation 2013

It was a time different from today. There were no video games or computers and the TV consisted of four channels--ABC, NBC, and two CBS offerings. Staying inside the house on a sunny day was not an option. Exploring the rural countryside in which I lived was the plan of the day. Every day.  

The freedom of summers eventually went away during High School. I either worked at a camp or worked at a job. But even so, it was time off from studying and the grind of read, lecture, study, and test. 

To all of the teachers--enjoy the summer and may all of your dreams come true. Some of you are completing distinguished careers in education and will not be returning to the classroom during August, enjoy your newfound freedom! You have earned it.

To the students--this is the best time of your life. Make something of your summer. Don't lose it by believing that there will be time tomorrow.  Tomorrow is there for you to experience something different yet again.

Although I do not celebrate summer vacation anymore, I enjoy the memories and vicariously experience the joy of eight weeks of freedom through those around me.

Happy Summer Vacation. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD 

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