Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Take - I Don't have to Like it

The issues of the day have become emotionally charged and draw all sorts of rude responses from immature people seeking to ensure their voices are heard.

Too often in our country one group of people are working hard to reduce or minimize the freedoms enjoyed by another group of people even though we live in the same state and country under the same Constitution!

Founding Fathers
I used to believe that as a society, we were better than that. But recent issued thrust into the national spotlight, have made it clear that the petty desire to impose one belief set at someone else's expense is still resident in our country.

The gay marriage issue became a hot button issue for many people. But don't forget other similarly divisive issues that are in the news: marijuana legalization, gun control, Confederate banners, immigration, and the death penalty. Each of these topics were in the news this morning and our nation is becoming polarized by the emotional nature of these issues.
Supreme Court

The Founding Fathers got it right when they established the Supreme Court to protect our freedoms. Whether I agree with the rulings of the Supreme Court on a personal and emotional basis, I am comforted that nine detached judges hear both sides of the emotional cases that divide us and review the Constitution to determine whether something should or should not be allowed.

I don't have to like the ruling, but I have to abide by it. 

The Constitution and the Supreme Court are the last line of defense against the erosion of our personal freedoms and our civil rights. Sometimes, they point out that we are denying others of their civil rights through the imposition of our personal or religious beliefs--and that protects us all from the abuse of power.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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