Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Presidential Circus

What else could it be called, but a circus? An electoral circus. That so many people have declared themselves to be  candidates for President and also because there is no clear heir apparent, it is clear evidence that there is a vacuum of leadership in the United States. 

I chuckle each time another candidate declares that they are running for the nation's highest office. By some counts, there will be 6 Democrats and potentially 15-20 Republicans running for the leadership of the nation.

The problem? No one seems to have the complete package of what we need to lead this nation .

Some are louder than others. Some funnier--but still serious. More than a couple have lost miserably before in the primaries and it makes me wonder what they have to offer now that wasn't obvious before?

And then there are some new voices out there. But there are so many voices crying out for attention that they are drowning each other out. 

A couple of the new voices have experience being governors of states--generally, history shows they make better Presidents than senators.

It all bears close watching. I do admit there are a few that I definitely do not support and two or three than I am listening to very closely and beginning to check their credentials. 

It is going to be a wild 17 months until the 2016 general election.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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